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Robotic Process Automation Project

PT. Bank Tabungan Negara

PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) Bank Tabungan Negara is one of Indonesia's state-owned banks (BUMN) and has been operating since 1897. BTN has modernized its services with digitalization and automation processes by adopting robotic technology (RPA) in its service process. The application of this technology is expected to improve the quality of services that will be enjoyed by the Indonesian people in the banking sector.

Website Project

PT. Gandasari Energi

Gandasari Energi is part of the ABS Group, which is an integrated Maritime and Mineral business group. This Company is located in Bojonegara District, Serang Regency - Banten. As an integrated Maritime Industrial Estate and supported by technology, its expected to be able to integrate the entire maritime and mineral value network to improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs, and in turn increase the competitiveness of the Banten Province Regional and National Industry.

PT. ABS Shipyard

This company is a shipyard that located at Gandasari Energi industrial port estate in Bojonegara, Cilegon, with main business in ship building. Their product core value is the quality that they're deliver. They always make sure all parts in the ships have been certified and meeting regulatory compliance. They also pursue certification standards for further quality assurance

PT. Mahkota Niaga Energi

They have ability to be partner of choice in the fuel trade, distribution and provision of land and sea transportation services. They also have flexibility because of their fuel trade, distribution network and transportation fleet are spread across several areas, so that cooperation with them can provide added value and more competitive.

PT. Pelayaran Nasional
Wibowo Bersaudara

This Company was founded in August 2020, to fulfil the increasing demand in shipping-line, as well as the scarcity in the number of fleets available nation-wide. Pelnas Wibowo also meet a large potential for cargo transportation in Sulawesi and Kalimantan regions. To fulfill this need, Pelnas Wibowo plans to build 30+ sets of new fleets through the ABS Shipyad.

PT. Inti Delta Kirana

Inti Delta Kirana known as IDEKA, established in 2019, is a registered fuel distributor for industrial and maritime use. Their coverage includes Banten, West Java and Central Java, Eastern Sumatra using land transportation. They also cover eastern Indonesia area through the sea. The type of fuel that they distribute is non-subsidized Solar (HSD), quality and maintained.

ABS Group

ABS Group is a conglomeration of business units focusing on maritime across sectors: ship building, shipping-line & sea transport, fuel distribution, industrial port estate, and the upcoming projects in rock mining and batching plant.

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